World Tree
World Tree is a sustainable timber investment based on the Empress Splendor tree, the fastest growing tree in the world. Empress trees provide valuable hardwood lumber within just 10 years. They also absorb 11 times more carbon than any other tree. Participants in the program both offset their carbon footprint…

May 1, 2020

Investment Status

There has been no liquidity event since our investment.

Founder’s Story

“World Tree has specialized in the eco-timber industry for over 18 years. We are the largest grower of Empress trees in North and Latin America. Our investment opportunity allows smaller investors to invest in eco-timber; while reflecting the environmental and social consciousness of those who seek values-based investments.“

“The Empress Splendor is the fastest growing hardwood tree in the world. For every $3,000 you invest, our farmers will plant an acre of these beauties across North and Central America. Then, in 10 years when these trees mature, they’ll be harvested for lumber and we’ll be sharing the profits with our farmers and investors like you. The United Nations predicts that demand for timber will double by 2050. With our carbon-eating, non-invasive Empress Splendors, we’re ready to meet those needs.”

— Wendy Burton, Founder & Chair @ World Tree

Rich Canadian says …

“I believe very strongly in World Tree and have invested in them two years in a row. We are committed to another two years of investments with them. We did the research, we read all the uninformed posts on the Internet calling their hybrid tree an “invasive species” and spoke directly with the World Tree team via email and phone. Trees are one of the best ways to reduce carbon and pollution because they use it to grow, its the most obvious carbon capture system in the world.”

— RichCanadian, May 2020

Key Points

  • Farms in more than 100 locations across 5 countries.
  • One acre of Empress trees absorb the CO2 footprint of an American family of four.
  • World Tree has an 18 year history working in the eco-timber industry, and is the largest grower of Empress trees in North America and Latin America.

It will be a very long time to receive any return on investment with World Tree, as the tree growth cycles are approximately 10 years. That being said, those potential returns are significant (25% of all profits).

The thing I like most (and the reason we invested in the first place) is that it is an environmental and climate change investment. Anything where we can help the enormous carbon footprint of humans and make money is a win in my books.

Everyone involved in the business is paid on revenue-share, that means investors are paid on performance, and farmers are paid a share of the profits as well. This ensures that everyone is aligned for success. In addition, the company diversifies plantings around the world so any specific acre of failure will not implode investor returns.


  • Current raise at $8.03M valuation.
  • $3,000 plants one acre of trees in US or Central America.
  • Projected $35,000 return on $3,000 investment over 10 years.
  • Farmers receive 50% of the profits from harvest, making it a win-win on both sides and incentivizes success.
  • Goal to plant 3.5 million trees over 5 years and generate $3B in lumber sales.




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