Drifter Spirits + Avua Cachaca
The Spirits Business recognized Avuá Cachaça Copan Limited Edition as the 18th most innovative spirit launch in their ranking of the top 50 in 2020.

May 13, 2020

Investment Status

There has been no liquidity event since our investment.

Founder’s Story

We went to Brazil in 2011, and fell in love with cachaca, its native spirit. We launched Avua Cachaca, and quickly grew it to the category leader. But then we realized that the strong route to market could be leveraged for other spirits brands too. We successfully launched Svol Aquavit in 2019, and will be rolling out a third brand Gagliardo soon!

— Pete Nevenglosky, President @ Drifter Spirits

Rich Canadian says …

“Avua is a stunningly beautiful product, but what’s inside the bottle is even better. I’ve had the chance to taste about 5 different flavours now and they’re great. However, what really matters most for an investment is ability to execute to bring that great product to the world. Pete and Nate have something much more than just premium niche spirits. Their past experience and knowledge has provided a strategy and grand plan for Avua and Drifter that is brilliant and impressive. I’ve been tough on Pete and Nate, but they always have the answers and a plan. Through our investment and support I’m proud to be in business with them and strongly believe in Avua long-term.”

— RichCanadian, May 2020

The best part of Drifter is their larger strategy not just servicing their premiere brand “Avua Cachaca” but other brands such as Gagliardo Bitter Radicale (launching this year in 2020). The spirit is distilled by 5th generation distiller Marco Schiavo better known as “the blond distiller that drives the world crazy.” (I’m not making this up). This particular spirit works well in a Negroni or Americano. The brand has not been seen this side of the Atlantic Ocean, since its launch in 2013. Drifter is making it happen.

If that were not enough (is it ever enough?) Amy Taylor, the President and Chief Marketing Officer of Red Bull North America not only directly invested in Drifter Spirits, she also personally and professionally vouched for Pete from Drifter:

“Having known Pete for years during his time with us in a leadership role in Brand Marketing at Red Bull North America, I’m a likely candidate to invest in anything with him at the helm! Pete is a world-class marketer, has great business instincts, has a tireless work ethic and in the case of Avua and Drifter Spirits…has great ideas. I’ve been impressed by their innovation process, their consumer focus, their knowledge of the industry, their agility and their speed… and as a result, their approach to the craft spirits market. There is tremendous potential in Drifter and it comes at the right time. I’m excited to see this endeavor grow, and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

— Amy Taylor, President and Chief Marketing Officer of Red Bull North America


“Entrepreneurs are making strides these days, developing brands with long-standing producers to showcase the finer side of cachaça, once known as a harsh spirit reserved for the caipirinha in lively settings and bracing shots in more casual ones. Working with a nearly century-old family-run distillery, Nate Whitehouse and Peter Nevenglosky developed Avuá, which comes in several expressions, including some aged in various woods, a common practice among traditional producers. Sip it neat or swap it in for the base spirit in your favorite rum drink for an earthier, grassier take on the drink. Nate favors it in an El Presidente.”

— Washington Post “Six spirits that evoke far-off destinations”, May 22, 2020.




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