LifeCandy is More Than A Marketing Firm

The LifeCandy Group

Today, LifeCandy services global brands around the world and here at home in Kelowna, British Columbia. It wasn’t always this way.

LifeCandy began as a strategy, marketing, and consulting firm, focused on business to business clients. Those clients included web technology and hosting companies, credit card processors, financial services, advertising networks, brokers, consumer brands, special interest groups, as well as charities.

The goal was not just to meet their expectations, but to exceed them. Founded by Jay Van Ginneken who has been in business for decades, opportunities kept arising through experiences with clients. As the opportunities for the LifeCandy brand grew, the decision was made to pursue a more diverse range of business types.

Involvement in venture capital and investment began through deal flow and deep connections to founders around the world. Seeking strategic partnerships and influencing their success through our funding as well as our business services opened up even more opportunities. We maintain a respectable portfolio of companies that have received our funding, services, or both.


Marketing & Advertising

Venture Capital

Strategy & Consulting